Privacy Policy

TROOGLES is committed to protecting and maintaining your personal data privacy

when using our platform. We are compliant with the data protection laws and

regulations of Malaysia. How we collect, process, use and disclose your information

when you visit and/or the TROOGLES App, will be indicated in

this Privacy Policy. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

By visiting and using TROOGLES Platform, you are consenting to the collection,

processing, usage and disclosure of your Personal Information as detailed in this

Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to all the terms in this Privacy Policy and/or

subsequent updates, amendments, or modifications, please stop accessing or using

TROOGLES Platform and our services.

Privacy Policy Promise

TROOGLES requires sufficient information to provide better services for all our

customers. At TROOGLES, keeping all client information secure and using it only

with our clients’ consent is our topmost priority. This is our promise to all

TROOGLES’ clients:

1. All clients’ information entrusted to us will be safeguarded, according to

strict security and confidentiality standards.

2. Only limited, properly trained and authorized employees are allowed to have

access to clients’ information.

3. All information entrusted to us by our clients will not be revealed to any

external organizations unless consented by the client or required by law.

4. All information provided by our clients will be kept confidential. However, we

may share clients’ information with reputable companies, when clients

express an interest in their services or products. Please do note that this

Privacy Policy does not apply to these external companies.

5. All organizations partnering with or hired with TROOGLES to provide certain

services will be required to comply with our privacy standards and will be

audited for compliance.

Information We Collect

1. General

We may collect Personal Information about you that you voluntarily provide to us

when registering for an account on TROOGLES. This personally identifiable

information includes, but is not limited to, your name, address, contact number and

email address. If you are a user below 18 years old, we cannot collect any

information from you, unless parental or guardian consent is obtained.

2. When Accessing TROOGLES Platform and/or App

When you are accessing TROOGLES, we may collect and process information

(which may contain your personal information or non-personally identifiable

information, but nevertheless linked to your personal information) about you and

your device, including details of your usage on TROOGLES Platform (e.g. traffic

data, location data and length of user sessions), IP addresses, browser type,

browser information, and device information. This information helps us provide

better and more personalised services to our visitors and clients.

How We Use The Information Collected

We may use the information in the following ways:

- For the intended purposes which you have provided the information for.

- To send email notifications or newsletters about our new or existing

products and services, special offers or to contact you. If you would prefer

not to receive such notices, you may opt-out from receiving them.

- To continue enhancing existing features or develop new features, products

and services on TROOGLES Platform.

- To allow us to personalise the content, suggestions and advertisements that

you see based on your personal preference and characteristics, as well as to

provide a better overall user experience.

We may disclose and use personally identifiable information under special

circumstances wherever necessary, to enforce our Terms of Use. We may also

disclose or use your personal information in good faith when we believe the law

requires us to do so.


Cookies are used to make websites work, or work more efficiently. At TROOGLES,

we collect cookies to help us create a better user experience, as well as to help

visitors and clients move faster through our platform.


All personally identifiable information collected is stored in our highly secured,

limited-access servers. At TROOGLES, we take security very seriously and perform

security-checks to ensure the protection of these servers and your identifiable


Internet-based Transfer

The Internet is used to collect and process personal data, which may involve the

transmission of data internationally to countries that are not your home country.

By browsing and communicating electronically with TROOGLES

The platform, you acknowledge and agree to let us process your personal data


Policy Modifications

TROOGLES reserves the right to update, amend or modify the terms of this Privacy

Policy without prior notice. You can get the updated version of the Privacy Policy

on our website. Your continuous use of TROOGLES Platform or of services

provided by TROOGLES signifies your acceptance of the updated, amended, or

modified Privacy Policy. Should the changes in the Privacy Policy reduces your

rights, TROOGLES will ask for your consent.

Comments and Questions

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please

contact us at