Why Partner with Us

With a solid global presence trusted by millions of travellers, Troogles is a one-stop travel booking platform that empowers travel providers, no matter their size or type.


Trusted by Travellers

With technology, travellers are becoming savvier to search,plan and book
their own trips. By offering a variety of choices, Troogles became the preferred
choice of independent travellers.


Focused on SEA countries, India and Sri Lanka

Troogles is the only travel booking platform focusing on less-focused,
equally attractive and more affordable destinations.


Strong, Targeted Marketing Initiatives

Via engaging,influential social media channels and effective digital advertising,
Troogles’ marketing strategies help partners reach a wide and the right market.


Additional Sales Channel at No Additional Charge

Maximise your sales channels with us - Troogles sells to both B2C and B2B
customers to ensure your services are sold fast and in bulk. No charges until you
make a sale.


Innovative, Secure In-house Technology

Leverage your business and improve your operations with our easy-to-use,
advanced Saas solution that has been optimised for the travel industry.


Experienced, Dedicated Local Team

Our team has years of experience in the travel industry and has been in your
shoes too. We understand your challenges and know travellers’ preferences better
than anyone.


Loved by Travel Partners

Thousands of travel providers and more everyday join us to
grow their business together. Why miss out on a strong support network with
businesses like yours?

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